Are you Getting the Most out of your Corporate Clients?

Most organisations understand that they could increase revenue significantly through their corporate customers. One of our clients knew they had room for improvement in the corporate arena, but was unclear where to start. With a clear goal in mind, increase corporate revenue, we sat down for a series of continuous improvement sessions and helped them ask the right questions.

Firstly, it became apparent that the purchase history of some of their corporate clients was irregular, or had dropped off all together. Our client could come up with one or two examples of customers they knew had dropped off, yet many more fell through the gaps. We helped them realise that targeting warm leads was probably the first and most valuable step.

From here, we worked together to flesh out the specifics of what our client would like to see. How much revenue had they generated for our client? What had they been purchasing? What is their purchase information over time? Who was the manager that made the purchase? All of this information is critical to making an informed re-sell.

Like most businesses, our client’s data was not sitting neatly in a modern analytics platform, but in a database that was hard to view. At Midas, we went to work building a dynamic corporate dashboard for our client. Using our suite of data extraction and analysis tools, we were able to seamlessly connect to our clients prehistoric database, without writing expensive custom software. We produced a single screen interactive dashboard, which to this day allows our client to answer all these critical question themselves.

As a result, our client is taking a far more effective approach to corporate sales. They know who the most valuable targets are, and are well informed as to make a suggestion for the next purchase. Furthermore, their dashboard will be useful for years to come, as the data displayed is refreshed multiple times a day, unlike a stagnant report which is obsolete in three months time.

So where can you improve sales within your organisation? Midas can help improve your bottom line by uncovering the simplest ways in which you can increase revenue.