Fully Utilising Data with NZTA

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) facilitates the upgrading and maintenance of NZ’s road network. This network is of primary importance, not only to our economy but also the social well-being of the public. Consequently NZTA must be keenly aware of the quality of work put out by competing contractors on the road network.

Prior to our involvement, NZTA evaluated contractors’ work based criteria such as engineering standards and cost. The problem with this approach was the lack of input from the public, and while NZTA carried out a quarterly public survey, they had no effective way to use this information. We began to help NZTA analyse public feedback in 2013, through our dynamic Living Reports software, that automatically updates all dashboards with each survey.

Living Reports allows NZTA to disaggregate the data at a high level and then investigate the matter more closely. For example, a journey manager for the Greater Wellington region used their dashboard to identify a problem in the Hutt Valley. Drilling Down, they specifically identified an unusual number of noise complaints from a specific section of road. As it turned out, this road had been resealed with a new material, one that was cheaper but also caused the road to be far noisier than it was before.  

Our software allows for monitoring the congestion caused by particular contractors. In the past, if a contractor needlessly wasted the public’s time with sloppy roadworks, the problem was often overlooked in a flood of other complaints. Today, NZTA can track identify these problems and make the necessary inquisition with the contractors.

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