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There are myriad Business intelligence platforms out there, such as Microsoft Power BI, that make it easy to visualize and analyse a wide array of data. However, like any tool, the real value comes from knowing how to use them.

If you are struggling to set up dashboards in Microsoft Power BI, you’re not alone. Setting up Power BI with your data and displaying it in a meaningful way isn’t easy and many firms struggle to make the most of its vast potential.

Now there’s an easier way.

Our dashboard design specialists can take care of the setup for you, leaving you and your team free to keep doing what you do best. By combining our wealth of experience in data visualization and Microsoft Power BI toolset, we can co-design and create dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and answer some of the most critical questions that you are seeking answers for.

Cost-effective, step-by-step approach.

We've learned that doing small, iterative pieces of work is the best approach to prove value quickly and cost-effectively. As a starting point, we work with our customers to identify a simple yet highly valuable question, and then branch out to more challenging opportunities. This question-based approach to dashboard design works like a dream, and we would love to show you how it can be done so you can stay ahead of the game.

Our BI services include:

  • Advice on how to get the most out of your data;
  • Technical setup including dashboard design and data integration;
  • Training for you and your team;
  • Ongoing support for users and administrators;
  • High-end, custom visualizations and reporting.

See how Midas helped Outward Bound with their Power BI Dashboards:

See how Midas have helped Central Kids transform their organisation and empower their staff:

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