We exist to help the good become great, to help the brilliant become the best.

For some companies, mere survival is the measure of their success. Others are content to be good at what they do, nothing more. But a small percentage at the tip of the arrow don’t settle for mediocrity but insist on striving for greatness in everything they do. This is who we are, and this is who we work with.

We are privileged to serve some amazing organisations who are always honing their product, always looking to provide the best possible service for their clients. For these companies, continuous improvement is in their DNA.

Our clients challenge our thinking and are willing to be challenged by us in turn. It is by sharpening and honing each other that we can do our best work.

Our joy and satisfaction comes from seeing staff empowered and enabled to make change in their organization with the full support of their leadership team. We believe that harnessing the collective intelligence of your own team is far more important than relying on outside experts.

We pride ourselves on being agile and nimble, which enables us to help you turn your customer experience vision into a reality in a very short time. We’re open and transparent in the way we operate and love an opportunity to sink our teeth into a new challenge. We are a Wellington based team with an international client base and we value a low stress, fun and healthy work environment.

By working together, the good become great and the brilliant become the best. Contact Midas today to find out just how easily we can make a great customer experience a part of your business strategy.

Key People


Rumi Shivaz

Managing Director


Navishka Jayasinghe

Product Manager


Szabi Ozorak

Technical Consultant


Liz Smith

Finance/Admin Manager


David Silvester

Marketing Manager