We empower companies by making complex business data easy to understand.

Gathering business data and customer feedback is important, but without the right tools or expertise, many organisations struggle to maximise this valuable resource. At Midas Infomedia, we help you process and present your data in a simple, visual, interactive form that your whole team can understand and take action on.

Business data is like crude oil - you get the most value from it when it's processed and refined. Watch this short video to hear first hand from Workbridge how Midas has helped them make the most of their customer feedback data. Then contact us today to discover how we can help refine your data, improve your understanding, and grow your business.

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Understand Your Complex Business Data

With so many Business Intelligence (BI) systems out there, it's hard to choose the right one and harder still to implement them within your organisation.

We can take the pain out of this process with our BI Consultancy and Dashboard Design service. With our help you'll be up and running in no time with the right BI system and custom dashboards to make the most of your business data.

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Understand The Voice Of Your Customers

Customer feedback is one of the most  powerful yet underutilised tools in many companies' toolboxes. Imagine how responsive your company would be if you could read your customers' minds?

We have developed a unique customer feedback analysis tool called Living Reports that enables you to identify trends, make changes and analyse the results to continuously improve your customers' experience.

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Midas helps you build a continuous cycle of improvement

1. Collect data from various  sources to feed into Midas Living Reports or other BI System.
2. Display data, enabling staff to analyse and understand it quickly and easily.
3. Collaborate with colleagues, sharing insights and discussing possible improvements.
4. Test changes to identify the most effective and efficient solution to solve a problem.
5. Implement solutions proven to be effective by the testing process.
6. Monitor & evaluate the results to measure the benefits and drive continuous improvement.

Our Clients Are


who are customer-focused with a desire to empower their team members and make the most of their data through constant improvement.


with a heart for the people they serve, a desire to be better, and a need for tools that prove their success to auditors and funding providers.


departments and SOEs with a responsibility to manage resources and ensure the organisations they fund are delivering on their commitments.

Case Study: Power BI dashboard design for Outward Bound

The iconic New Zealand brand Outward Bound has been providing adventures and challenging people's limits since 1962. They had a challenge of their own making the most of their business data to improve the way they managed their myriad courses. They invited Midas to help them set up custom dashboards in Microsoft Power BI to get a better insight into their enrolment stats and other data, and the results have been outstanding.

Case Study: Why DOC chose to implement Midas Living Reports

The Department of Conservation plays a vital role in caring for our natural environment and they have extensive interactions with tourists, trampers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. DoC use Living Reports to process and analyse the vast amount of feedback they receive to help them stay on top of any issues that arise in the conservation estate.

Case Study: The Value of Living Reports for Interislander.

Interislander ferries are a vital part of the New Zealand tourism and transport sectors. Responding to customer feedback in a timely way and implementing subtle yet powerful changes has seen the business go to new levels of customer satisfaction and service. Watch the video to hear their story.

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