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Living Reports

Midas Living Reports enable you to monitor, evaluate and improve customer experience leading to better organisational performance. As a platform, it is able to collate and analyse quantitative and qualitative information from a range of sources. This empowers stakeholders across the organisation to collaborate through a highly visual and dynamic e-reporting interface.

Living Reports:

  • Are a highly visual and dynamic e-reporting interface for data dissemination
  • Provide custom access levels for staff and management for easy identification of insights and issues
  • Create understanding across your organisation about what’s important to customers
  • Enable collaboration to find interventions and innovations; and
  • Create a virtuous cycle of service improvement

1. Collect & codify data

from internal and external sources.

2. Publish actionable insights.

Easy to understand insights empowering staff to implement individual improvements or share with colleagues.

3. Collaboration.

Supports the sharing and discussion of insights.

4. Trial interventions.

Enables the trial of various interventions to identify the most effective and efficient approach.

5. Implement.

Captures the events relating to implementation of the best fit intervention.

6. Monitor & evaluate.

Continually monitor, evaluate and manage intended & unintended consequences to realise the benefits of the intervention.

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